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Some of you may have already heard of XBMC already, some of you may not have any idea what on earth it is! Well for the less-informed of you guys, here’s the break down:

XBMC is a media Center Software, which manages your Music, Music Video, Movie and TV Show library.

  • It was originally Made to Run of Xbox’s , Now runs on Xbox, Windows, Linux, Mac, Apple TV and as a Live CD version
  • It will automatically Organize your movies and TV shows, download all the Cast and crew data, wallpapers, posters etc.
  • It’s fast and stable

Basically You get something like this, (i’m betting these screen shots will explain enough 😉 )


XBMC Home Page

Of Course the First Thing that anyone notices about XBMC is it’s really catchy Home pages. I really must say, i was really impressed about the Attractiveness of XBMC. However, mere mortals, do not be fooled by the sweet sights and sounds of our friend XBMC, it’s a something you EARN, not simply install….