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This is just one of the posts, in my all new, complete coverage of using XBMC. Most of the sites i went to when i first learned about XBMC had absolutly no description on how to use it. Even the XBMC Wiki was very tech savvy, description.

So for all you NON geeks out there… Here’s the low down, step by step on how to install XBMC on Windows.



Some of you may have already heard of XBMC already, some of you may not have any idea what on earth it is! Well for the less-informed of you guys, here’s the break down:

XBMC is a media Center Software, which manages your Music, Music Video, Movie and TV Show library.

  • It was originally Made to Run of Xbox’s , Now runs on Xbox, Windows, Linux, Mac, Apple TV and as a Live CD version
  • It will automatically Organize your movies and TV shows, download all the Cast and crew data, wallpapers, posters etc.
  • It’s fast and stable

Basically You get something like this, (i’m betting these screen shots will explain enough 😉 )


XBMC Home Page

Of Course the First Thing that anyone notices about XBMC is it’s really catchy Home pages. I really must say, i was really impressed about the Attractiveness of XBMC. However, mere mortals, do not be fooled by the sweet sights and sounds of our friend XBMC, it’s a something you EARN, not simply install….