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Are you a sadist when it comes to gaming? Want to beat, chew up and spit out games like they were chewing gum? Well you can now do just that!  With the New Nvidia GTX 295! 🙂

Payback Time

After Nvidia’s GT200 based cards were kicked out of it’s throne at the top spot of Graphics Cards Kingdom, by ATI’s Radeon HD 4870 X2 Nvidia couldn’t just stand around! I mean the GT 200 was Nvidia’s pride and joy!

Squashed Up Goo

The Normal rout that most Graphics card makers take these days to take a great existing card and make it awesome was to take two of them  and paste them together for SLi (Nvidia) or CrossFire (ATI) configuration.

The Main problem that Nvidia faced till now was that their GT200 processors were so powerful, that putting two of them together would cause a total melt down.

New Ways to “DIE”

So Nvidia’s answer to this dilemma was new Die-process that reduced their processors from 65mm to 55mm. This helped to greatly reduce heat and power consumption.

So the GTX 295 was born! Pasting together, 2 X GT200 cards in one. So when in SLi mode, it’ll be a quad.

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Ok here’s a Quick Guide on How to Install and get Compiz Up and Running On Your New Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex Machine!

STEP 1 (Graphics Cards) – Installing Graphics Card Drivers, Activating Them…

Ok First off we need to get your Graphics cards up and Running! Install Graphics Card drivers in Linux and Activate them! It’s really not that hard now with the New ubuntu release

1. Goto Add/Remove Applications from yours Applications Menu

2. Searching :

2.1 If You have an ATI Card Search for “ATI graphics”

Tick The Packages

  • ATI Binary Driver
  • ATI Catalyst Control Center

Click Apply Changes!

2.1 If You Have an Nvidia Card Search For “Nvidia”

Tick the Packages

  • Hardware drivers
  • Nvidia X Server Settings
  • Nvidia binary driver (version 177 driver)
  • NTv Tv Out

Click Apply Changes!

This step should install your Graphics Drivers Without any problems….

3. Autharizing Drivers

After You install the drivers you have to enable them for them to be used by Ubuntu.. This can be done very Easily!

Goto System>Administration>Hardware Drivers

From There, If Your Using an Nvidia Card Select the “Nvidia Accelerated Graphics Driver (Version 177) and click Activate

If your Using an ATI card, Select the ATi Driver and Click Activate!

STEP 2 Installing Compiz!- Downloading and installing compiz,

1. Goto Applications> Add/Remove Applications

2. Search For “Compiz”

3. Tick

  • Advanced Desktop Effects Settings (ccsm)
  • Compiz Fusion Icon
  • Screenlets (Optional)

4. Click Apply Changes!

Side Note : You Can Make Compiz Start Automatically With Ubuntu on Start up Through the Compiz Fusion Icon Program…..

Hmmm I recently migrated my desktop Completely From Windows XP to Ubuntu Linux 8.10 Intrepid Ibex… And here are some softwares i found i MUST install on Ubuntu To use productively…

MUST HAVE SOFTWARE IN LINUX!  For Ubuntu (8.10 Intrepid Ibex)

Mozilla Thunder Bird


O.K! I mean do i even have to explain my self?? i mean what could be better than ThunderBird Right!? Ok i am a self acclaimed Mozilla fan boy, But when it comes to


Ok Sabayon Linux? Never Heard of it? If so you probably havent been On-Line and updated recently enough. Sabayon Linux a New Gentoo variation ( I think), is a new kid on the block making quite a stirr in the Linux World. While Ubuntu and Other Distro are made to be used by Everybody, I see that Sabayon is mainly marketing on Younger Users ho are Hardcore Graphics enthusiast.  Also this Distro Is also geat for recent Windows migrants because alot of the coolest new fetures and what i like to call Vista-Killing Apps are Pre – Loaded in this Distro.