Easy File Sharing Between Windows And Linux (Ubuntu 10.04)

Posted: July 14, 2010 in 86X, 86_64X, Internet, Linux, Microsoft, Windows

Hey people, back after a year of absence -.-‘ …. sorry about that…. Uni started….. visa problems…… exam issues blah blah blah blah blah….

Anyways……. Lets get started!  Sharing files between Windows and Linux! This for the amateur IT guy/girl can seem a daunting task, specially given the fact of about different partitioning methods, different file systems etc..

Trust me, there’s no shame in admitting that you just couldn’t find a way to make Windows and Linux play nice with each other over the network.. BUT! when you seriously look at it, it’s no that big of a problem..The main cause behind all this mayhem is rather simple…  We’ll call it the “language”. You see, windows computers talk to each other in a different language for file sharing and linux computer’s talk in a different language.  Dont worry though, all is not lost, you see, linux box’s have a secret trick up their sleeves, if you ask a linux box really nicely, they’ll learn how to speak in WINDOWS!

Ok ok, all the crappy synonyms aside, all you really need for file sharing between linux boxes and window’s boxes is a software called “samba”, and no, it’s not something like VLC where you have to install programs on both ends. Samba is actually a “daemon”, daemons are like windows background services, what it does is, it acts kinda like a interpreter in between the 2 machines ( i think lol ! ).

Ok , lets get to work!

1. Install SAMBA!

Installing samba is straight forward enough.

Just goto “Add/Remove Programs” or what’s now known as “Ubuntu Software Centre”

Search for “Samba”


Intall Samba

Or if your more of a Bash person just go

$sudo apt-get install samba

2. Configure Samba

2.1 Creating a Share

Goto Samba, That’s  System>Administration>Samba

Once the Samba configuration Window opens up, goto File>Add Share

Click On the “Browse” Buttons and select the folder you wanna share.

You Can tick the “Writable” Option if you want to, that’s completely up to you

BE SURE! to tick the “Visible” option, otherwise you wont be able to see this Folder from the other end

Now while the “Create Samba Share” window is still open, goto the “Access” Tab

I Normally just tick the “Allow access to everyone” option, on how to make specific permission for specific folders, well that’s another show…

2.2 Configuring Samba

In the “Samba Server Configuration” Window, go to Preferences>Server Settings

From there go to the “Security” tab

Now Change the Authentication Mode to “Share”

Press ok and your done!

  1. Brian16 says:

    I think the tips here may be really useful.

  2. Andy McCreddie says:

    Amazing – I have managed to get my old HP printer (attached to dual boot XP/Ubuntu 10.10) accessible across a household Windows 7 workgroup network. Many thanks your instruction were by far the simplest. Now to try sharing a few folders. Many thanks.

    P.S. You haven’t mentioned the request for password from W7 – is there a simple solution to that?

  3. wth says:

    How do you get your Macs to see the printers now? Before the Mac upgrade recently I was abe to ADD Printer…and it showed my wkgrp—-comp name—-prtr…Now its blank. SO I tried using IP addresses..but it doesnt really work. ALso when I try to see files in windows7 I am asked for Password, Username, and Domain? Whats the domain? I tried my username(ubuntu) and tried username/pswd for windoze machine neither worked. The externals share fine. But the C:\ drive and My Docs wont work. The windoze prints fine.(My print server is the Lynx) Its just that windoze doesnt seem to use workgroups anymore and it confuses everything.

  4. splash says:

    didn’t work

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