Nvidia GTX 295 Quad SLi – Beat Crysis into Submission

Posted: January 23, 2009 in 86X, 86_64X, ATI, NVIDIA
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Are you a sadist when it comes to gaming? Want to beat, chew up and spit out games like they were chewing gum? Well you can now do just that!  With the New Nvidia GTX 295! 🙂

Payback Time

After Nvidia’s GT200 based cards were kicked out of it’s throne at the top spot of Graphics Cards Kingdom, by ATI’s Radeon HD 4870 X2 Nvidia couldn’t just stand around! I mean the GT 200 was Nvidia’s pride and joy!

Squashed Up Goo

The Normal rout that most Graphics card makers take these days to take a great existing card and make it awesome was to take two of them  and paste them together for SLi (Nvidia) or CrossFire (ATI) configuration.

The Main problem that Nvidia faced till now was that their GT200 processors were so powerful, that putting two of them together would cause a total melt down.

New Ways to “DIE”

So Nvidia’s answer to this dilemma was new Die-process that reduced their processors from 65mm to 55mm. This helped to greatly reduce heat and power consumption.

So the GTX 295 was born! Pasting together, 2 X GT200 cards in one. So when in SLi mode, it’ll be a quad.

(Pic Curtsy Of Toms Hardware.com)

Bench Marks

I’ll Let the Benchmarks Speak For Them Selves 🙂


Conclusion :

Anyone who really wants to play Crysis at 2560×1600 pixels will be disappointed by nearly any graphics solution, though GPU overclocking could make a pair of Radeon HD 4870 X2 graphics cards in CrossFire mode a possibility. Performance leadership in other games is a toss-up between two GeForce GTX 295 graphics units in Quad-SLI and three GTX 280 cards in 3-way SLI modes.

What would we buy? While two GTX 295 units are cheaper than three GTX 280 cards, a single GTX 295 was fast enough to conquer 2560×1600 and ultra-high graphics settings in every game except Crysis. A quick look back at the performance-per-watt numbers also reveals the single GTX 295 as a top pick, and we have a hard time recommending a more expensive solution to even the wealthiest enthusiasts.

Nvidia set out to reclaim its single-card performance crown, and that is exactly what it has done here. AMD reacted by countering with a $50 price cut and $50 mail-in rebate on its Radeon HD 4870 X2, available through certain e-tailers, but that doesn’t win back any crowns. Value on the 4870 X2 is up. However, Nvidia has the crown it set out to win. And true to its word, the GeForce GTX 295 is available for purchase already.

– TomsHardware

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  2. Car Crazy says:

    I have had a TRI SLI with BFG GTX280 OC, A Quad SLI with two BFG GTX295, and Finally a TRI SLI with the GTX285 OCX cards and I can tell you first hand the GTX285 OCX stomp the marks of the 295’s. In benches, games, and all other apps involving transcoding etc. GTX285 OCX cards run stock at 702mhz on the core clock. A lot more than that of the 295’s and faster memory etc…. If you have the choice choose the GTX285 OCX in TRI SLI. Or if you have the money try them both like I did. You will decide the same as myself though.

  3. BAReFOOt says:

    You call that a review? It stinks of advertisement left and right, and is more rare on details than a C64 graphics output! This is not a review. It’s either a fraud or a joke.

    • sarithp2 says:

      >post comment on article 2 years old -.-‘
      yes it’s a joke, if you have anything against the stats, take it up with Tom’s Hardware… i just put the article up for people who just wanted a quick glance at the stats.
      Also what advertisements are you talking about? this is a personal blog of mine, i post when ever i care to. I’ll post what i want to. If you dont like what you read. you just STFU and GTFO

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