Sharing Files Between Windows and Linux (Xp, Vista, Ubuntu)

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I dont know about you guys , but as soon as I installed my fresh new Ubuntu 8.10 intrepid ibex release on my desktop computer, the first problem i faced was how to share files between linux and my windows Vista laptop! I went and checked in linux, there was no “Share” button in the folder properties pane.

So After doing a bit of reading i came to understand that in order to share files between Windows and Linux Computers you have to install a Program(deamon) called samba!

It’s actually quite easy ! so lets get started!

1. Install Samba (On Ubuntu 8.10)

Installing almost anything in the New Ubuntu release is almost always easy as pie!

1.1 First Goto the Terminal      Applications>Accessories>Terminal

1.2 Inside the Terminl type :

sudo apt-get install samba smbfs

1.3 When asked for the Password, please type in your administrator password!

1.4 After the Installation Finishes, Close the Terminal

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2. Configuring Samba (Using Samba Front End)

In order to configure samaba, as in actually specify users and folders to share, i found it much easier to just use the “Samba” GUI front end program.

So Lets Install Samba (GUI) First!

2.1 Goto Applications > Add / Remove Applications

2.2 Search For “Samba”

2.3 Tick The program Named “Samba” which has the description “Create, Modify, and      delete samba shares”

2.4 Click Apply Changes

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After that Installation is Finished, lets start the samba GUI!

Goto   System > Administration> Samba

Provide the correct administrator password to start the application.

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Configuring Users

1. First in the Samba GUI goto Preferences> Samba Users

There You will see the existing users in your Linux OS,

If you so want to, you can create a user specifically to be used just to access shares in the Linux Computer,

To Do this just Click  “Add User” and then provide the Necessary data such as User name and Password for the New User.

After Everything is Done Click OK

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Configuring Shares

1. Click “Add Share”

2. Specify the Directory or Partition You Want to Share,

Provide a Suitable Share Name


Tick the “Visible” Radio Button

If you want, Tick the “Writable” button as Well.

3. Goto the “Access” tab

Tick the Users You want to Give access to this Share,

Or If you want to make in a public share for every one to use, just Tick “Allow Access To Everyone“.

Click Ok.

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  1. James says:

    I simply divided my hard disk into three partitions. One, formatted in ntfs for Windows XP, one formatted in ext3 for Ubuntu, and one formatted in fat32 for all my data files. Both Windows XP and Ubuntu can read the Fat32 partition and therefore can access these files. Pretty simple.

    • sarithp2 says:

      he he that a a pretty neat method but I thnk your missing the main point of this tutorial! You see your trying to share files between Linux and windows on the same pc ! By what I’m trying to do is share files of a totally lnux only of and other pcs on the network !! The main aspect here is it’s over the network !! That’s the main point ! Cause I mainly use by Linux pc to download movies over night but I transfer them to my laptop over the wifi to view later when I’m out 🙂

  2. taswa says:

    when i share the folder i get the following failure message….
    can any one help me immediately
    m using ubuntu 8.10

    ‘net usershare’ returned error 255: net usershare add: cannot share path /media/disk/Bhutanese mp3 as we are restricted to only sharing directories we own.
    Ask the administrator to add the line “usershare owner only = False”
    to the [global] section of the smb.conf to allow this.

    • sarithp2 says:

      well you can try one of these measures :
      first off , does your account have enough permission to create and own folders and to install and run applications that need super user privileged??

      1. Try running the Samba application in admin/ super user mode

      2. Do what it tells , goto that configuration file and change that value to false!

  3. HenryH says:

    Thanks for the clear and precise instructions for getting samba up & working. Further, and something which seems to often be missing in linux tutorials, thanks for the explanation of what each step does. It REALLY does make a big difference to know ‘why’ as well as ‘that’.

  4. sarithp2 says:

    🙂 thankx alot HenryH for your feedback 🙂 it’s commentors like you that make me wanna try even harder to bring good quality tutorials to this site.

    TO ALL:
    So pls, if your are a new linux user , just let me know on a certain thing you’d like to get done! so i can creat more and more tutes ! 🙂

  5. Jimbob says:

    When I go to add/remove and search for “Samba” I receive a “There is no matching application available.” message. (step 2.2)

    I installed samba as per 1.x.

    (ten minutes later)
    After doing more research I noticed on the “Add/Remove Apps” program there is a drop down box…. mine was set for “Canonical-maintained software” to fix my problem I just need to set it to “All open source Applications”.

    Thanks for this great little tut Sarithp2

  6. Marty Fried says:

    By the way, being a former Windows user, I opened Nautilus, right-clicked the folder I wanted to share, and selected “properties”. Then, I opened the “share” tab, and checked “share this folder”. It told me I needed to install the samba sharing software, asked for the password, and installed it, then restarted the login for me (after asking).

    So, it really was as easy as Windows, if you didn’t have file sharing enabled.

    Unfortunately, although Windows can now see the share, it still gives me an error, so I’ll try the GUI program you suggested.

    • sarithp2 says:

      really ?? that’s cool i really havent used nautilus, so that’s why i didnt know about that feature….

      goes to show you really show helpful a good user base can be!

  7. fesknet says:

    Thanks for the guide. It would be great if you did a video tutorial an post it on youtube


    • sarithp2 says:

      hmm i’ll try… but with the amount of work i’m in right now with my uni work… i’m struggling to finish the normal tutorials! so it’ll be some time until i actually start to make videos….

  8. Dany says:

    I was unable to install on very first step ,error on twisted core and twisted conch not configured yet, something like that

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