Sabayon Linux – The Next Ubuntu??

Posted: September 8, 2007 in 86X, 86_64X, ATI, beryl, compiz, gentoo, GRUB, LILO, Linux, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Open Source, OpenSource, Programming, sabayon, vista, vista killer

Ok Sabayon Linux? Never Heard of it? If so you probably havent been On-Line and updated recently enough. Sabayon Linux a New Gentoo variation ( I think), is a new kid on the block making quite a stirr in the Linux World. While Ubuntu and Other Distro are made to be used by Everybody, I see that Sabayon is mainly marketing on Younger Users ho are Hardcore Graphics enthusiast.  Also this Distro Is also geat for recent Windows migrants because alot of the coolest new fetures and what i like to call Vista-Killing Apps are Pre – Loaded in this Distro.

Some Of The Most noticible things about this Distro is that it comes with Beryl and Compiz Pre-installed. Beryl Is also started in it’s Live-CD version as well. This is really good thing for most Linux users that just want the Thing installed without Tweaking the PC too Much. Also he Distro is Pre-Configured with the Latest NVIDIA and ATI, which automatically loads when starting the Live CD and also Installed Automatically according to your Video Card when Installing.

Another Very Intresting thing about this Distro is it Comes with the MP3 Decoding DLL and Libraries Pre-Installed. (There is a Seperate Installation for US users) . But, the Main Distr has The MP3 / Xine-Lib Library Pre-Installed. This means that Us music fans can listen to Any mp3 on your HDD out of the box!

The New Versions of the OS also support NTFS read/WRITE. and Programs are installed vie Pipe Lining (or Something) . Sadly i could find our trusty YAST program. 😦 But The OS does come With a Nifty Python App to Easy-fy the downloading and installation process.

The Os Comes in Light Cd Version and Fully Loaded DVD Version. It Comes in both 86X and 86_64X Versions. Includes GRUB by default and also gives the users the choise of using LIBO.

  1. Luke says:

    Sabayon is an awesome distro, it basically pwns all the others in the way of easiness and stability. The only thing wierd about it is “equo” and “emerge” e.g. if I want to install QEMU I don’t open Synaptic Package Manger as I did in Ubuntu, but instead open a konsole and type ‘sudo emerge qemu’. Other than this difference the system is great, tons of games and fun fun fun. B)

    *hopes to get the new 3.5DVD soon*

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