Air-Bus 380 with Linux in Every Seat!

Posted: August 27, 2007 in 23", air bus, airbus, Internet, Linux, Open Source, OpenSource, red hat, singapore, Tech, usb, Windows

Ever heard of the fraze with love in every stitch? Well, now the new AirBus 380 on Singapore AirLines will have A Personal Linux PC for all their passengers.It’s like Linux in every Seat!RedHatLogo

All standard seats will have a 10″ screen with a USB port connected to a PC running RedHat Linux. All passengers can edit their documents and stuff with the Pre-installed star Office Programs and such.

All First class seats will have a Whooping 23″ monitor along with free Noise canceling Ear Buds!

This system is currently already implemented in thee upcoming B777-300ER planes and is also supposed to be out fitted in the B787 Dream Liners.

On important aspect I Think to be looking out for is what if someone accidentally leaves behind some important data? i Mean when your sitting in First Class Your mind kinda gets distracted as well and you may also doze off! What do you think will happen to all data left behind by the passengers??

Please Leave Comments on what You Think Will Happen to Orphaned Data inside the PC’s!

  1. mich0u says:

    i think it would be nice of them to just wipe it off once they get to the destination 😉

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