Windows Opensource??

Posted: August 23, 2007 in .NET, Internet, Linux, Microsoft, Open Source, OpenSource, Programming, Tech, Windows

Windows Is Trying To Go Open Source??

Since Microsoft Signed Those Dozens Of Agreements With Different Linux Distributions Around the World, Linux users were getting a bit impatient with Windows and Specially their trusted Distro’s Because of the Recent Problems and court cases where Microsoft was saying that though it made agreements with Linux that some of their softwares aren’t going to be Open source.

Anyways Now Microsoft is trying to clear their name and their respect by the launching of their newest range of Open Source projects and their “Open-Source-Project-Hosting-Website” CodePlex. This is all good because some of the projects current in progress there are very productive and seem to be in good motion to success ( if what i just said made any sense 😉 ) Anyways most of the Open source Projects listed there used the .Net Framework. Is there a re Linux alternative for the .Net Framework?? I’m not quite sure. Anyways because most of these projects are using the .NET framework, this could mean one of two things:

1. The .Net Framework is going to go Open source and be available for Linux.

2. We’ll have to be using Windows In order to use these projects.

Also most of these projects are in full motion and are already showing that their products are being used by many Official websites. Here are some of the most Popular and most Active Projects currently in Codeplex.

  • AJAX Control Toolkit The AJAX Control Toolkit is a joint project between the community and Microsoft. Built upon the ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions, the Toolkit aims to be the biggest and best collection of web-client components available.

  • The Toolkit addresses three needs. First it gives website developers a place to get components to make their web applications spring to life, second it gives a set of great examples for those wishing to write client-side code, and third it is a place for the best script developers to get their work highlighted.

    • BlogEngine.NET BlogEngine.NET may be the simplest and most light weight ASP.NET blog at the moment, but still full featured. Here are some of the features:

      – Multi-author support
      – Pingbacks and trackbacks
      – Event based for plug-in writers
      – Theming directly in master pages and user controls
      – Gravatar and coComments implemented
      – Live preview on commenting
      – Full editing and creation of pages that are not posts
      – Extended search capabilities
      – Tag cloud
      – Self updating blogroll
      – Runs entirely on XML or SQL Server. Your choice.

Anyways lets just hope Microsoft doesnt have anything hidden behind their backs for these projects. I’ll keep you people posted on any drastic / dramatic changes in here.




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